One Size Fits Most

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Read a really great book!

Ok, this is why I never read books...when I get a good one I cant put it down. I read this one in 2 days. And the only reason it took that long was that I had to work and sleep. This book is The Next Big Thing by Johanna Edwards . Its set in Memphis (!) and is about a curvy chick who gets the guy!! Woo Hoo!! I was reading it while riding the bike at the Rec Center and laughed out loud!! It was cool to have it set in Memphis, she mentions some sites in her book. The main character Kat (rhymes with FAT) goes on a reality show called From Fat to Fabulous.
Which brings me to my next subject....why do men lose weight faster than women?? I've lost 7.6 pounds on WW (go me!) and Big Daddy has lost 10 WITHOUT EVEN TRYING OR COUNTING POINTS it just aint fair. Oh well I am happy really but it just aint fair.
Another thing that just aint fair....he's going to the beach for 5 days and I'm stuck at home with the kids. No, really he is going to Middle School camp with church and I'm going to stay home and work and keep the kids....I wouldnt trade places with him. Thats ok me and the kids are going to "party" (read: eat cereal for supper) while Big Daddy is away. What, you think I'm actually gonna COOK? NOT!
Saw Monster in Law with my Sister in Law last night (and we NEVER do anything together). It was funny and let me tell you Jane F. is looking old. WAAAY too many closeups.

Monday, May 16, 2005


91. I've lost 5.6 pounds since I started Weight Watchers.
92. I've been doing Yoga and riding the bike at the gym.
93. I also got new undies!
94.Sometimes you just have to splurge for new undies.
95. Now my boobs are front and center.
96. Instead of down and out.
97. As Warrick Brown (CSI) says, "Theres nothing sadder than a woman with raggedy drawers"
98. I feel better.
99. I can walk up one flight of stairs without needing the Harvey Team.
100. Done!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


You Know You're Addicted to Ebay When...

Every time you go to the grocery store, you offer the cashier one cent more for each item in the cart of the person in front of you.

To cut costs, FedEx and UPS are considering relocating their operations centers to your house.

Sitting on the floor of your empty apartment, you stare at your fingers and wonder whether they'll sell better individually or as a matched set.

Your spouse is loving and caring but you decided to file for divorce because you need the storage space.

You're the reason they adopted the "No selling your children's vital organs" policy.

ou find yourself searching eBay auctions for milk, eggs and bread.

When your wife agrees to have sex with you, you become suspicious and ask how many other bidders there were.

Just ask your kids, eRay and eFaye.

After a particularly passionate night, you lean over and whisper in your spouse’s ear, "Excellent service, great communication! Would recommend again! AAAA++++"

You set your alarm clock for 3 am so you can log on to protect your bid.

You've called someone a naughty name for outbidding you at the last second.

You've questioned your sanity because of the price you've bid... more than once.

You've changed all your clocks to "eBay official time (PDT)."

You've bid on something even though the picture doesn't show up correctly.

You've purposely run up the bid on something similar for which you paid more.

You've rolled your eyes at the word "antique" or "vintage" used on something made in the past decade.

You've gritted your teeth each time you've clicked on a description that uses the word "L@@K."

You've turned up the volume on your email alert so you'll never miss an Outbid Notice.

You've made "My eBay" your default home page.

You've emailed a seller to correct their description with accurate dates or details.

You've come to rely on "convenience cash" from PayPal and wish you could pay all your bills like that.

You've earned a "Shooting Star" Feedback Profile for more than 10,000 purchases!

You won't go to estate auctions because they don't take PayPal.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to Ebay.

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Life without keys

Short story....lost keys....get new ones.....lots of money.....

Monday, May 09, 2005

Absolutely Fabulous

I had an absolutely fab Mother's Day. Big Daddy tilled up 2 new flowerbeds, which enpowered me to get new flowers! He worked really hard, but it looks great. Then I got a gc for a massage. MMMM cant wait! THEN I got some cute plants in cute pots that my kids made AND some pics of my kids from Glamour Shots that was a total surprise!
But bummer today I'm home with GB who has strep. BIG tonsils. He's not really "sick" just contagious, which means I missed DQ's field day, dangit. I should be doing laundry since I'm homebound but Nah, I think I'll surf!
Going to check out some cars on autotrader.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Now I'm a dent head

Now that the incision on my forehead is healing well, I have a dent there!
I'm sure it will fill in as time goes by!