One Size Fits Most

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The cure for boredom

Ok heres what you gotta do:
Go to your fave search engine thingy
Enter yournamehere needs
Tell the first 10 responses

Here we go!

1.Larisa needs guidance to be strong and face all
the demons that are in her life right now (Yikes! who knew?)

2.LARISA: Needs a big steak to go with it. MILL STREET TANKHOUSE ALE
341ml, $10.35/6-pack * * * * *, (no thanks I just ate)

3.In the future when Larisa?s new movies are released there will be plenty
of fan
excitement but for now Larisa needs and deserves her own space. (please
give the queen some space...I cant breathe)

4.LARISA needs to receive and maintain records that contain some PHI about
you to
administer. LARISA and provide you with health care benefits, ...(huh?)

5.Larisa needs desperately the win to continue their chase for the
promotion, after they lost many points on the road. (Uh, I dont play sports)

6.but first Larisa needs a visa, which means she and her new husband have
wading through enough paperwork to choke an IRS wonk. ..(please no more
Credit Cards!!)

7.There are many things that Larisa needs to know about
John, and this is the tip of the iceberg (who the heck is John??)

8.However, in order to leave for Israel, Larisa needs to have written
from their mother. At the moment the mother is not around, and the family
(If I get written permission from my mother, we got other problems!!)

9. Larisa needs someone to talk to, and I chafe in the position. the air
between you Two has to be cleared. (now who have I pissed off?)

10.You're right Alpha and I think Larisa needs supervision,(because you know
I cant be left alone for even a MOMENT).....

Now GO!


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